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Have you ever wondered how volcanoes work and what makes them erupt? Have you ever watched a magician perform and wished you knew the secrets behind the magic? Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what exists beyond the clouds?

Get ready to find out, and explore the worlds of volcanoes, magic, and Mars with our limited edition bundle in honor of Screen Free Week! Share all of your awesome screen free fun with us using #NoPowerHour. Now, go out and create something that will make the world awesome!

Includes all materials and easy step-by-step photo instructions to:

  • Build and paint your own volcano
  • Create a magic show
  • Experiment with Mars Sand

Also Includes:

  • THREE books full of surprise facts, real-world photos and fun jokes
  • A Lava Rock Collectible
  • Secret Scarf and Magic Wand
  • Bendable Martian Collectible
  • Kid-Friendly Learning Materials

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If a tree falls in the woods, and no one hears it... did it still fall? We ask you the same question: If you loved our product and didn't tell us about it, did you really love it? Shout your experience from the roof tops... we want to know and so does the rest of the Surprise Ride family.

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