Build & Paint a Volcano Science Kit


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Product Description

Heat up the imagination of a geologist-in-the-making with papier-mâché volcano craft.

Quick! Take cover as you dive deep into Earth for an exclusive look into the explosive world of volcanoes! Make-believe lava and laughter will flow as you turn papier-mâché into the volcanic rock forming your volcano. Then, mix the provided paint to create realistic Earth colors. Continue the fun by reading the fact-packed full-color book which includes “lavable” volcano jokes! This kit comes with a real volcanic rock.

Includes all materials and easy step-by-step photo instructions to:

  • Build and paint your own volcano

Also Includes:

  • Custom book full of surprise facts, real-world photos and fun jokes
  • A Lava Rock Collectible
  • Parent Guide
  • Kid-Friendly Learning Materials

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