Penguins Activity Kit


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Product Description

Everyone agrees, penguins are one of the cutest and funniest animals! From movies and books to candy and toys, we see these beloved creatures all around us. But what are they really like? In this Surprise Ride, warm up your engines and get ready to explore the fascinating world of penguins…

All the materials and instructions included in this Penguins Activity Kit to:

  • Make a Penguin Fleece Pillow
  • Create a Winter Wonderland

Also Includes:

  • Book: March Of The Penguins
  • Snack: Popcorn Snowball
  • Fun Extra: Good Luck Penguin Keepsake
  • Fun Extra: Stackable Penguin Pencil
  • Fun Extra: Self-Inking Snowflake Stamp

Customer Reviews

Brought Together Our Family

It wasn't until a few days after doing that first craft that I realized making a small wintery scene of penguins had encouraged our family to be more creative and had celebrated every idea big or small.

Loved the Book!

We happened to have received the Penguin Surprise Ride package right before a snow day, and we read the book over 100 times.

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