Ancient Egypt Activity Kit


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Product Description

Imagine a land 5,000 years ago where pharaohs, mummies, and pyramids were the talk of the town! What better way to explore the mysteries of the past than by being an archaeologist and uncovering ancient treasures? In this Surprise Ride, get ready to take a trip back in time to the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt.

All the materials and instructions included in this Ancient Egypt Activity Kit to:

  • Design an Adventure Bag
  • Dig Your Own Pyramid

Also Includes:

  • Book: Flat Stanley Book
  • Snack: Falafel Chips and Chamomile Tea
  • Fun Extra: Hieroglyphics Card
  • Fun Extra: Imported Papyrus

Customer Reviews

It's the BEST Thing Ever!

We started getting Surprise Ride after seeing it on Shark Tank and it's the best thing ever! The Ancient Egypt box arrived when they were at school and I put it in the center of the kitchen table for the "unveiling." I swear when we opened it there was a bright white light and the sound of angels singing.

Perfect Summer Activity

I used this service during the summer vacation for my niece and she was super excited every month awaiting the next Surprise Ride.

Best homeschooling tool

We are a homeschooling family and love this unit study approach lesson box! This month we learned about Ancient Egypt. Wish we could get two per month!

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