Picasso Activity Kit


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Product Description

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be so famous that the entire world knew you by just your last name? This artist had fans like a movie star, unlike any artist before him. In this Surprise Ride, we’ll explore the life and work of a man who had 23 words in his name, but is known far and wide by only one…Picasso.

All the materials and instructions included in this Picasso Activity Kit to:

  • Paint a Masterpiece
  • Create a Picasso-style Face

Also Includes:

  • Book: Who Was Pablo Picasso?
  • Snack: Beet Chips
  • Fun Extra: “Cubism” Cube Puzzle
  • Fun Extra: Artist Apron

Customer Reviews

Family Time

Every month you make my children's day, and it's precious time that we spend as a family.

Even great for non-crafty moms

So excited to learn all about Picasso! Surprise Ride is so great for non-crafty moms like me. We are having Picasso Saturday this week!

Great Product :)

Giving the children an opportunity to create their own image just like Picasso with the beads was amazing and such a great idea. My daughter would not put it down!

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